Where there are great senior care institutions, one will always give the rest a bad name. Be a responsible caregiver for your seniors, and choose a senior facility with consideration!

The National Council on Aging determined that around one in every ten senior citizens in the USA suffered elderly abuse by a community or institution. And hardly one case in 24 gets reported to the concerning authorities. Sometimes the abuse happens at assisted facilities & nursing homes where it gets sugar-coated!

If you are a concerned family member willing to make comfortable arrangements for your seniors in Shelby Township, MI, you need a sharp sense of intuition & deduction to sense which facility to select. Unfortunately, unlike Hampton Manor of Van Buren Assisted Living & Memory Care transparent operations in senior care, we can’t guarantee the safety of your seniors in a different assisted facility.

Types of Abuse:


The nursing members cause deliberate harm to the senior residents via assault of varying intensities. Seniors exhibit unexplained bruises.


The nursing staff yells, threatens & taunts seniors. The victim will show withdrawn, anxious behavior.


Touching, groping, or any activity involving intercourse with a senior who cannot comprehend the situation is abuse.


Failing to provide the senior victim with food, clothes, medication, and sanitation for no particular reason.


Physically constraining or isolating a senior without any medical reasons. Sometimes, even family members are denied from meeting their loved ones.


The nursing staff willfully denies the senior victim access to their facilities, therapies, medication, and peace of mind.


The staff may be misusing the senior’s funds or withholding allowance.


The Signs of Elder Abuse

  • The victim presents a sudden change in physical appearance, weight, health, & mental capacity. They may have unexplained bruising or injuries.
  • You will find unsanitary conditions for the seniors’ private quarters.
  • The senior victim will show fear, divert attention from their injuries, experience self-isolation, and shift sleeping patterns.
  • An appearance of documents with faked signatures changes to a will while the victim seems mentally unhinged, or a sudden spike in spending habits are sure signs something is off.

Protect Your Seniority

Start scouting for various assisted living facilities and dig deep into their details. Inquire credentials, licensing, staff qualifications, and get feedback from residents to make a better decision. If the staff intervenes, reconsider your selection!

Learn about Adult Protection Services & join support groups to be better prepared. Create a living will to avoid family confusion later on, and seek multiple opinions before signing anything related to your assisted facility plans.

Use direct deposit checks, manage your mail, & don’t share delicate information over the phone. Keep a mobile device with you at all times & voice your concerns. Keep a close confidant to check up on you so you aren’t taken as someone no one would miss!

Our Hampton Manor of Van Buren Assisted Living & Memory Care staff in Shelby Township, MI, is highly trained, backed by authentic referrals, and offers our clients a higher degree of autonomy in their day-to-day activities. We pride ourselves in the excellent club-style facility layouts, warm & friendly staff, range of accommodation, personalized treatments, recreation & therapies for our senior clients.

Transparency & accountability are at the core of our values. We are currently expanding our accommodations in light of our outstanding service record in caring for all new additions to the Hampton family!

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